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Many individuals in today’s society feel overwhelmed, drained, exhausted, lacking in purpose, feel irritable, agitated and find it hard to concentrate and motivate themselves to living a healthier and happier life. Getting out of bed and facing another day feels unbearable. Eating and drinking become less about nutrition and more about comfort and escapism. A negative mindset ensues as does a constant spiral of self-critical thoughts and feelings of underlying anxiety and in some cases, depression. Does this sound like you?

Irritable and Impatient with yourself and others, Feeling Exhausted yet unable to sleep, Always focussing on the Negatives, Feeling Restless and Fidgety, Depressed, Anxious, Lacking in Drive and Energy, Devoid of Passion and Purpose.

I have designed my Mindfulness Workshop for anyone who recognises that they are living more in the past and the future than in the now. I understand how the fast pace of living and “doing” rather than “being”  has impacted on the wellbeing of us all in today’s society and this Mindfulness Workshop addresses these very issues.

Diana Luke Mindfulness Workshop in Sheffield

Diana Luke Mindfulness Workshop in Sheffield

Mindfulness For Business

Now a business or company can invest in this Mindfulness Workshop and positively change the way that their colleagues interact with each other within their business and subsequently their home life. This results in a happier, more productive and efficient workforce which is beneficial to themselves, your business and your clients.

The Mindfulness Workshop is a one day course from 9:30am until 3:30 pm with the usual coffee and lunch breaks. It is led by myself incorporating tools from my psychotherapeutic background and radio presentation communication skills. The day consists of meaningful interaction in pairs and within the group as a whole. There are also several guided meditations and visualizations to unlock and develop a deeper understanding of the individual so that everyone benefits in a way that fits their personal needs.

 Mindfulness Workshop Video

This Mindfulness Workshop took place at the beautiful Hassop Hall in Derbyshire’s peak District near Sheffield. Please click the video below for a short sample of the day’s event.

Diana Luke presenting her Mindfulness Workshop in Sheffield

The Benefits for Your Company, School or Organisation:

  • Improved staff morale
  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • improved time management
  • Better communication
  • Effective management skills
  • Better interpersonal management

The Benefits for the Individual:

  • Effective Stress Management
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Living in the Now and letting the past go
  • Releasing Self Criticism for a Happier You
  • New Tools for Calmness and Relaxation
  • Improved Confidence

Complimentary Mindfulness MP3

Each participant is given a Mindfulness MP3 written and presented by myself so that the day’s Mindfulness Workshop can be enhanced in the days and weeks to follow. This MP3 ideally should be listened to daily for the first week, then at least three times a week for the following fortnight. After the three weeks it can be used as and when needed. Always listen to it in a situation where you can remain undisturbed for the duration of the programme, either sitting or lying down free from interruption.

Diana Luke Mindfulness Workshop in Sheffield

Diana Luke Mindfulness Workshop in Sheffield

Feedback from Mindfulness Workshops

“the meditative atmosphere was wonderful”
“very calming day”

“there were lots of good ideas to take away and use, voice quality was excellent”
“very soothing voice and good use of time”
“excellent day thank you”
“inspiring! when can we do it again? “
“calm, purposeful”
“this couldn’t have come at a better time – I feel blessed and grateful”
“totally authentic – I felt we were all in it together”
“great to have time to think about the inner self”
“wonderful persona, that was calming but clear and direct, helping me to change”
“a fantastic time where we given time just to be!”
“fantastic – well structured and carefully managed for a deep learning experience”
“it’s been an absolute privilege – thank you”
“Diana is engaging and made me really think today about how to enjoy the present and be mindful”
“I think this is a start to transforming the way I live my life!”
“A fantastic opportunity to reflect on me and us as a group”
“If we could spread this reflective way of thinking the world would be a more positive place!”
“fantastic voice – perfect for the moment”
“great structure to the programme”
“very powerful messages”

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