Goodbye ISDN – Hello Source Connect Now

After many years of working with ISDN from my home studio I now am saying “Goodbye ISDN – Hello Source Connect Now.” This is because ISDN and PSTN are being phased out by BT (in favour of IP or Internet Protocol) by 2025. The public switched telephone network (PSTN) refers to the international telephone system that uses copper wires to carry analog voice data. ‘During this phase out of ISDN, BT’s investment in the technology will also diminish – making it less reliable over time’ – Read more about this on Ben Rossi’s article:

ppi_logoIn many ways it will be sad as my ISDN has been a great workhorse for a lot of years and without it I wouldn’t have won the award as: Agony Aunt PPI Best Audience Interaction Award for Ireland’s Beat102-103 Talk Show 2003 – 2007. I was live on air from my home studio in South Yorkshire to Ireland. The PPI Radio Awards 2003 were held at The Burlington Hotel, Dublin on Friday 17th October 2003. Happy days, thanks to my ISDN…

Source Connect Now

The advantages to Source Connect Now are many. For starters it is FREE, and it has such ease of connection and the simplicity of use throughout the world. It’s simply accessed through guests logging into my page on a Google Chrome browser. Also the audio quality is superior and there can be up to five different people on different links in the grid!

See my voice over page for further information.